Hi, I'm Matisse.


Baseball player turned programmer and entrepreneur, (after injury), I kicked off my career in "Problem Solving" with pitch sequence prediction (MLB Pitch F/X StatFreak Prediction & Research Tool), moved on to iOS games, built a quick and reliable HTML parsing + bookmark-archiving tool (Permamarks), and more recently, tackled private photo sharing (Scramblage). I also design & develop seo-optimized, mobile-responsive websites for small businesses.   Contact Me






Web Development


I make elegantly designed, expeditiously developed, seo-optimized, responsive websites for small businesses (reasonably priced), and good causes (free). Please contact me to learn more.


Stephen Hybarger Photography
Ultimate Placements
Croatian Cultural Garden


Projects & Startups


I like building new technologies and (apparently) being perpetually tired. If you're just getting started out, need a startup buddy, or would like a cofounder, shoot me an email.






My blog is filled with personal thoughts, learning experiences, tutorials, and TED / course lecture notes.


Recent: Positivity, Outlook, & Making Decisions
TED: Sam Berns - My Philosophy for a Happy Life






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