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Positivity, Outlook, & Making Decisions


Your outlook affects the outcome of a decision more heavily than the reality. - #thoughts




Never say more than necessary. - #thoughts


Learning From Failure


When facing a problem, it's useful to remember the lessons you've been taught. But sometimes, you have to put them aside, and learn for yourself. - #thoughts




Trust is not transferable. (I trust you, you trust them, ≠ I trust them) - #thoughts




It means nothing to have something without anyone. (you're only worth the value of your friendships) - #thoughts




You should fall asleep at night thinking about what you're studying. You shouldn't fall asleep while studying, thinking about something else. - #thoughts




The world is full of people with toothaches, waiting for a new friend to ask them about it. - #thoughts




Don't listen to judgmental people. They're usually as wrong as they think you are. - #thoughts




Don't hate people. - #thoughts


Be Somebody


Every Nobody wants to be like someone else. A Somebody tries to be like no one else. - #thoughts


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