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TED: Michael Margolis - 3 Pearls of Entrepreneurial Storytelling


By Matisse VerDuyn on July 5th, 2014


From Entrepreneurs need to know 3 stories: origin story, customer story, & the product story. Origin Story: your struggle and adversity are your purpose for becoming an entrepreneur; you didn't just sit there and accept a problem, you set out to fix it. Customer Story: we can't come from a place of judgment, we have to tell our customer story from a place of empathy. The customer has to be the hero of the story, not you or your origin. It's not about us, it's about the customer. How can you tell your story in service to your audience? When your audience can see themselves as the protagonists in your own story, the need to convince or persuade them to buy disappears. Talk about emotions, what drives us, how our customers feel. Are you selling crap, or do you give a crap? Do you want to change the world, more importantly, my (the customer's) world. Do you believe in what you're selling?



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