A Tech Talk with Matisse VerDuyn, CTO of PackageJS!

TSARP | A podcast where kids share their knowledge and insight about coding.

The future Lex Fridman (@TheCodingKid) and crew invited me to discuss my journey into coding, ask for tips on how to get started, and learn what low-code is all about.

Marketplace SaaS template, with Stripe Connect.

Build a marketplace SaaS for your business (or for clients) and make more $$$ in 2023! Launch a digital marketplace platform (like Gumroad) FAST to generate passive income while your community creates + sells. Customers have used this template to deploy in less than 1 week.

How to make and host a static landing page for free, built with Firebase.

Developing a product, then learning how to market is a huge mistake that most solopreneurs make when starting a startup. Building an audience before developing a product is the best way to prove that your product will have paying customers when it's ready to launch.

Static landing page template by PackageJS