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MLB pitch sequence research & prediction tool.

Backyard Bandits

A whole gang of backyard bandits (squirrels) are after your dog bones. Move your dog around screen to catch those pesky critters in the act. Collect acorns to purchase upgrades and unlock new characters. Grab power-ups for an in game boost, and don't get sprayed by a skunk!


Pixit making machines push Pixits from pumps at the top of the assembly lines, and collect them in bins at the bottom. Problem is, the machines just aren't as reliable as they used to be, and sometimes, Pixits don't match the color of their bin, which is why we're looking for folks, just like you, to sort out the duds.


You have a set of lights. But they're turned off… One by one, you try to turn them on, only to realize there's more to it than a few easy clicks -- the wires have been crossed. Find and remember the connections to complete the round in the fewest moves possible.